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Hire Us for Stump Grinding in Conroe, TX

Have you moved onto a property that has a tree stump left by a previous owner? Did you have a tree removed, but didn’t consider what to do about the stump? While stump grinding is a separate service, it is a worthwhile investment. Tree stumps can be unsightly and very inconvenient. At AB Tree Service, we can help to remove this eyesore with our stump grinding services in Conroe, TX and throughout Montgomery County. We’ll ensure the stump and all leftover roots are thoroughly ground and removed, so you’re free to use the space however you want. Call us today to learn more about our stump removal service.


Benefits of Stump Removal

Have you been considering the removal of a tree stump, but aren’t sure that the benefits outweigh the cost? At AB Tree Service, we offer affordable stump grinding in Conroe, TX, so you can get all the benefits without going over budget. Removing tree stumps from your property is a good idea for all of the following reasons:

Remove an Eyesore

Tree stumps don’t look very nice in your yard, affecting your curb appeal in a negative way. Remove that eyesore by letting us grind your stump.

Maximize Yard Space

A tree stump makes a portion of your yard unusable, preventing you from taking full advantage of your space. Without that pesky stump in the way, you could plant a garden, build a patio, plant a new tree, and more.

Prevent Insect Infestations

Bugs and other pests are more drawn to the decaying wood of a stump. This puts all the healthy trees in your yard at risk as well. Remove the problem before insects find their way to your stump.

Eliminate Safety Hazard

Tree stumps are a tripping hazard as well as a safety concern when mowing. When we remove your stump, these hazards will be eliminated, and you can use your yard freely.

We Can Handle Large Lot Clearing Projects

Are you undertaking a construction project that requires the removal of trees? If so, you’re probably now left with many stumps that are in the way of your construction. At AB Tree Service, we’re able to handle large lot clearing projects and can grind as many stumps as you need us to. We’ll ensure each stump is thoroughly ground, so it won’t hinder your project. And we’ll work efficiently, so we don’t hold up your work schedule. Call us today to learn more.

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